05 January, 2012

quantity not quality

In a rut with lifedrawing, I decided to try to learn to use conte. I've never really clicked with it, so it's a big challenge for me. here are some drawings from my first to sessions with it to document my process. eventually I would like to not use my fingers to shade with it, as well as not get conte all over my face. also that last model had this 50 year old head and a ridiculously ripped body and I couldnt reconcile my brain with it.

30 December, 2011

I know it's late and I took all year, but you can stop complainin' cause I'm finally here

hey, let's have a post for 2011 shall we?

here's something kinda special -

The Owl and The Pussycat from Kaylea Chard on Vimeo.

that glorious thing is a project from my highschool Media Arts class like... eight years ago (omg man) made with the lovely Jacky Gilbertson. Obviously there is a lot I would fix and do differently now, but hey, I feel it's not too bad for two young hick kids in a class what was generally regarded as an easy grade for hockey players. (but full disclosure - the teacher we had was amazing)

The narration is yours truly, but if I remember correctly we sped it up for some sort of time requirement. Though I could just be in denial about ever sounding so chipmunk-like.

Anyway, I'm not particularily sentimental, especially about my art but this one here means a lot to me. I designed the owl and the piggy wig and this also was my first foray into paper cutting art.

As for new art... well, lets leave that for the new year. I've resolved to post more so yeah, its gonna happen. Definitely.

I've been obsessed with kaleidoscopes lately, it's ridiculously easy to do in AfterEffects, so here's one I rather like:

all right kids, see ya in 2012

02 November, 2010

16 October, 2010

real heartbreaker

kind of obsessed with unibrows... always want what I can't have, man. A few days ago I accidentally cut off half of one of my eyebrows, but it was mostly unnoticeable thanks to their perpetual sorry state.

26 September, 2010

I'm working again, but I'm gonna try super hard to keep updating as I've been.... even if its just stupid drawings

09 September, 2010

I went to the PNE with the noble intention of drawing lots of animals but I was quickly distracted by petting the goats (I miss my babies) and trying to touch piglets... soo cute. Then Superdogs was starting so we had to go to that, I mean come on.

pretty sure if anyone ever saw the drawings I do of them, I'd get stabbed in one or both eyes. But hey, you can't win 'em all