14 October, 2007

This weekend I have done a good lot of nothing, the way I like it. Yesterday I watched The Jungle Book again, and also Bad Education with director commentary. Pedro Almodóvar is a genius; he just knows his characters so well and he offered a lot of insight into the film. It's kind of sad, because I didn't realise how much of it is lost in translation, but now I appreciate it even more. I plan on studying it for composition, and I highly recommend it to everyone that can handle a movie about bad Catholic priests, homosexuality, transvestites and transexuals and highly manipulate people.

An old assignment because it's sitting next to me (why not?) Design assignment 2 Dr Hobson

Yeah, I have no idea what's going on in this pose. How embarrassing.

Silly space hero heads that I am not going to use, quite probably.
Hurray! I finally got my printer/scanner installed! This is good because I can scan school stuff but baaaaad because now I have no excuse not to print of resumes to get a job....ugh

Here's some drawings from early summer (Mayish) when I had time to draw, in order of them being drawn.

I liked this one, but then I overdrew it and so the guy's eyes ended up looking like a chick's. :(

01 October, 2007

For the Benefit of Mr Kite!

Here is a giraffe I drew in April, coloured during the summer, and compressed into jpeg ten minutes ago. I am a quick worker.

Maybe tomorrow I will upload new stuff. Probably I am lying right now. Now, I draw Pirates! Well, after Lifedrawing. Tonight, it's business time (but not the fun kind D: )