15 November, 2007

Doctor Robert, you're a new and better man

I am trying very hard not to be a crappy poster. We'll see how long this lasts. :S

WWII doctor and nurse. I hated these designs so much I almost had a nervous breakdown on Sunday. Well, not really. I exaggerate. Anyway, I still don't really like the doctor but am okay with the nurse.

My daffy duck animation... I didn't shoot this until basically the very end and there are lots of problems :S

Random fun link time... my friend Matt's short film from VFS. He is now pursuing a medical degree. As (seriously) all our other friends are artists he was the subject of constant ridicule when he decided. Also my name is on the credits of this movie guy. Awesome.

Colleen and I came up with an awesome motto for animation character design at sushi dinner tonight. It is "Don't do any funky shit!" I feel that is also a good motto for life.

13 November, 2007

lovely rita, meter maid

I suck at updating :( I spent most of this evening vacuuming up fruit flies, so here is my attempt at productivity (while still procrastinating on current projects! Yes!)

the two most recent character design projects... the projects I did inbetween these and Dr Hobson aren't worth posting at all :)

Um and here is my vfs final I made in 2006... I wasn't focused on the animation at that point, that's all I'll say...

and the(better in my opinion) animatic