23 December, 2009

I made this christmas card for my parents, who should be in town sometime late tonight so that is exciting. 2009 has kind of been a lame year for me, so I'm pretty excited for 2010. Hurry up all ready, New Year, jeez.

09 December, 2009

c'est fini. I might still go back in and add the nipples on the characters. Doesn't feel complete without 'em!

05 December, 2009

Testing some beginning poses with the line tester I made at home. My camera is heavy so it moves slightly when capturing the images. The peg bar travels a bit because of this which I suspect I can fix in after effects. I made my shelf/camera mount with cheap stuff I got at the dollar store, so I think if I rebuild it a bit with sturdier materials I can get a pretty decent line test with my system! I'm using istopmotion to capture it, which works okay but it's a bit weird working without an x sheet. The only other issues I have is that since I'm using a still camera instead of a video camera, there's no live feedback but I think I can get used to working without it. istopmotion doesn't seem to have layer/background abilities so I'm not sure how compositing the other character will work. yeeeeah problem solving!

uh, the video is kind of small, but that's okay because no one needs to see my crappy 'does this pose work??' drawings... no...

24 November, 2009

14 November, 2009


I realised tonight that I am not a fan of markers.

26 October, 2009


drawing on the skytrain, at the lovely Chan Centre at UBC where my friend was singing (I drew during the boring parts where he wasn't singing), at the Cambie where I spilled a drink on my sketcbook and a little bit from drawing with some guy I used to go to school with.

10 October, 2009

Here's my reference

haha just kidding, that picture is awesome though!

03 September, 2009

I'm a little ashamed that I don't have more to show since my last blog post, but I've been endlessly sick and also pretty busy. (Okay, also a bit lazy) I had an Ali G drawing that I wanted to clean up and colour, but some how I lost it. I is right upset about it.

Birthday cards:

Some life drawings I thought were kinda funny:

I have made it my new goal to have 100 blog posts by Christmas. I think this is number 42. I've started taking kick boxing which is supposed to teach me discipline so I feel this is an accomplishable goal. Yes.

15 July, 2009

past our muscles and our bones, our hearts were little stones

paper cut outs + photoshop on this one:

cinemascope= the best screen format. That said, this composition doesn't really do it justice. Ah well... next time.

I've been listening to the new Regina Spektor album a lot lately, it's really good!

01 July, 2009

Treasure Chest

I finally finished my flash! There's a few problems with it that kind of bug me, but overall I'm stoked to be finished so I can start working on other ideas.

Also! I played poker for the first time last night. It was fun, except I think I was probably showing my cards/asking loudly if I had a good hand. I blame the sangria.

12 June, 2009

in this humidity I make repairs by night

Not a great drawing of Bruce, but I had to draw this moment. When he said it, my brain shut down and I couldn't even laugh for a bit.

I'm trying to read The Elements of Color by Johannes Itten, which Moh recommended in colour theory. I used to think I had a pretty high reading level and a decent vocabulary, but this book requires so much processing to understand what he's saying. It's also kind of a bit too scientific for me. Whatever, the jury's still out on science.

These kids made my day.

sketches from a paper cut out piece I'm working on. Currently, the sketches are looking better than the paper versions, which is annoying.

Drawings from so you think you can dance! I'm trying to work on my line quality/lifedrawing, so hopefully doing this will help. I've also been reading the Vilppu and these Walt Stanchfield notes I have. They really emphasize feeling the pose, connecting with it emotionally and imagining you are in the pose, which I am struggling with. So you think you can dance often talks about emotional connection as well, so I've been thinking about that a lot.

31 May, 2009

25 May, 2009

a POST so Mike doesn't erase me from his links


Tonight I watched So You Think You Can Dance! and realised that it's great for sketching from. Next time I'm gonna stop it and draw some poses. The good dancers only though, though the weirdos might have some interesting ones.

after almost two years of making cards for people, I finally realised that I should probably scan them before I give them away. Here's one I made for Ben! If you weren't at his birthday, man, you shoulda been!

In other news I am still working on my demo reel. Crazy, but it keeps me from being too sad about school being over, my state of unemployment and missing Kathryn with all my heart.