12 June, 2009

in this humidity I make repairs by night

Not a great drawing of Bruce, but I had to draw this moment. When he said it, my brain shut down and I couldn't even laugh for a bit.

I'm trying to read The Elements of Color by Johannes Itten, which Moh recommended in colour theory. I used to think I had a pretty high reading level and a decent vocabulary, but this book requires so much processing to understand what he's saying. It's also kind of a bit too scientific for me. Whatever, the jury's still out on science.

These kids made my day.

sketches from a paper cut out piece I'm working on. Currently, the sketches are looking better than the paper versions, which is annoying.

Drawings from so you think you can dance! I'm trying to work on my line quality/lifedrawing, so hopefully doing this will help. I've also been reading the Vilppu and these Walt Stanchfield notes I have. They really emphasize feeling the pose, connecting with it emotionally and imagining you are in the pose, which I am struggling with. So you think you can dance often talks about emotional connection as well, so I've been thinking about that a lot.


Sam said...

Ahahahaha!! I'm so glad you sketched that bromance moment. I thought you were gonna pass out when that happened!
Also, very nice dance sketches!

Mike Jones said...

don't laugh, just the world isn't ready for our love

Kaylea said...

Well, soon the world will have to be... if its gonna be on public display at Waves

ayura said...

u hvb got a really gud art...its pleasing.....

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