23 December, 2009

I made this christmas card for my parents, who should be in town sometime late tonight so that is exciting. 2009 has kind of been a lame year for me, so I'm pretty excited for 2010. Hurry up all ready, New Year, jeez.

09 December, 2009

c'est fini. I might still go back in and add the nipples on the characters. Doesn't feel complete without 'em!

05 December, 2009

Testing some beginning poses with the line tester I made at home. My camera is heavy so it moves slightly when capturing the images. The peg bar travels a bit because of this which I suspect I can fix in after effects. I made my shelf/camera mount with cheap stuff I got at the dollar store, so I think if I rebuild it a bit with sturdier materials I can get a pretty decent line test with my system! I'm using istopmotion to capture it, which works okay but it's a bit weird working without an x sheet. The only other issues I have is that since I'm using a still camera instead of a video camera, there's no live feedback but I think I can get used to working without it. istopmotion doesn't seem to have layer/background abilities so I'm not sure how compositing the other character will work. yeeeeah problem solving!

uh, the video is kind of small, but that's okay because no one needs to see my crappy 'does this pose work??' drawings... no...