02 November, 2010

16 October, 2010

real heartbreaker

kind of obsessed with unibrows... always want what I can't have, man. A few days ago I accidentally cut off half of one of my eyebrows, but it was mostly unnoticeable thanks to their perpetual sorry state.

26 September, 2010

I'm working again, but I'm gonna try super hard to keep updating as I've been.... even if its just stupid drawings

09 September, 2010

I went to the PNE with the noble intention of drawing lots of animals but I was quickly distracted by petting the goats (I miss my babies) and trying to touch piglets... soo cute. Then Superdogs was starting so we had to go to that, I mean come on.

pretty sure if anyone ever saw the drawings I do of them, I'd get stabbed in one or both eyes. But hey, you can't win 'em all

31 August, 2010

sometimes I like writing excessively

here is a storyboard I've been working on... it was partly for one of my roommate Kathryn's classes, so we had to incorporate typography and we were going to do it in stop motion. We ran out of time to do in it stop motion, so I added a few shots that aren't really stop motion friendly and decided to just finish the storyboard. I started getting into "The Five C's of Cinematography" during this and started to get tooo many ideas, so I decided to just get it done and start something new! It was definitely a struggle to be motivated to finish this so I'm just happy its done! Hurray!

It's raining today so I put in my favourite rainy day song so there's that.


here's the poem it's based on

I'm putting it in sequential panels right now but I'm not sure how to show the vertical pans yet... any ideas would be well received.

PS also I think my blog looks f---ing stellar on my iphone so I'm pretty stoked about that. Soon, I'm gonna start conversations with strangers with "Look at how great my blog looks on my iphone, look at it!"
sooo crazy about it

16 August, 2010

02 August, 2010

Kaylea Chard's neighbors from hell scenes from Kaylea Chard on Vimeo.

soooo finally here are my fav scenes that I animated on Neighbors from Hell, demo reel style.

The scenes of Pazuzu (the goblin/"dog") in the Lady Gaga costume were my first ever scenes assigned and approved at an animation studio (and were actually assigned to me on my birthday, cool cooh eh?)

I got some really great challenging scenes (like that card one which I did on 1s).
After I mentioned I was disappointed that my assigned scenes ended right before a completely gross one, for the rest of the production the animation director (who is awesome) made sure to give me some great funny/disgusting scenes to animate (basically all I ever wanted in life)

the last scene of Mandy going "ew" was cut shorter in the final episode but on the other hand, I was pretty stoked every time a small additional idea of mine got approved into the final animation :)

anyway, I could probably write a formal essay on why I liked working on this show so much so I'm just gonna cut it short and say that it was great, totally great.

26 July, 2010

I've been using reference for these

25 July, 2010

just under two hours for this one... goal is to get under an hour

24 July, 2010

Dis is for da nudies

yeah, I just made a Newsies (a.k.a. Christian Bale's greatest movie) pun. Also I am posting two days in a row! Momentous!

 got savagely sunburnt at wreck beach and perhaps destroyed my phone doing something stupid. I've been working on a couple more finished projects but they're still in progess so sketches only for now. I just want to feel good about posting!

23 July, 2010

so far I am not a fan of this new blog editor. Adding images is really not user friendly...

Some sea bus sketches from awhile ago. I like it when super hairy guys have long beautiful eyelashes :)
went to Capilano Suspension Bridge with the fam. Had an embarrassing conversation with the guy on the bottom right... I heard some people singing and later he came up and asked me about my drawing. Then I asked him if he had been singing and he looked irritated at me... later I realised the music was coming from a speaker... durr
Some kids at the fireworks before it got to dark to draw, and an random ink blot from accidentally holding my pen while texting.

15 July, 2010

I've been watching a lot of True Blood lately and it inspired this I guess?

06 July, 2010

special lady

I was going for Quentin Blake-y but it kind of worked against the drawing.

16 June, 2010

easy now, rude boys

man, I hate those people that are like "I was too busy to post because I was working"

shamelessly 'inspired' by Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

I plan on posting more often... I'm working on a storyboard to post soon. Kathryn and I are attempting to go the summer without internet sooo we'll see how that goes. Either we will get lots of stuff done or it will end in a murder/suicide.

31 January, 2010

Well, this week has been one for the record books for me. Currently all I've got to show for it is some unflattering portraits of people on the seabus:

In other news, my laptop is no longer where it's at, it will no longer even turn on. I'm a bit choked, for the past year it was pretty slow and awful but we had some good times way back when. My new imac is pretty, but you never forget your first computer.

RIP buddy.

24 January, 2010

Um, so I've had this finished for awhile, I just put in my new 2 character dialogue animation just now. I wanted to wait until I've redone the single character dialogue (Doppler) animation, but I think I need to redo it completely. Or maybe instead I will start working on my film, Don B. Heartless, that I want to do. It's gonna be gangsta.

Kaylea Chard's Demo Reel from Kaylea Chard on Vimeo.

PS jeez where has january gone? I need to post more.