31 January, 2010

Well, this week has been one for the record books for me. Currently all I've got to show for it is some unflattering portraits of people on the seabus:

In other news, my laptop is no longer where it's at, it will no longer even turn on. I'm a bit choked, for the past year it was pretty slow and awful but we had some good times way back when. My new imac is pretty, but you never forget your first computer.

RIP buddy.

24 January, 2010

Um, so I've had this finished for awhile, I just put in my new 2 character dialogue animation just now. I wanted to wait until I've redone the single character dialogue (Doppler) animation, but I think I need to redo it completely. Or maybe instead I will start working on my film, Don B. Heartless, that I want to do. It's gonna be gangsta.

Kaylea Chard's Demo Reel from Kaylea Chard on Vimeo.

PS jeez where has january gone? I need to post more.