26 July, 2010

I've been using reference for these

25 July, 2010

just under two hours for this one... goal is to get under an hour

24 July, 2010

Dis is for da nudies

yeah, I just made a Newsies (a.k.a. Christian Bale's greatest movie) pun. Also I am posting two days in a row! Momentous!

 got savagely sunburnt at wreck beach and perhaps destroyed my phone doing something stupid. I've been working on a couple more finished projects but they're still in progess so sketches only for now. I just want to feel good about posting!

23 July, 2010

so far I am not a fan of this new blog editor. Adding images is really not user friendly...

Some sea bus sketches from awhile ago. I like it when super hairy guys have long beautiful eyelashes :)
went to Capilano Suspension Bridge with the fam. Had an embarrassing conversation with the guy on the bottom right... I heard some people singing and later he came up and asked me about my drawing. Then I asked him if he had been singing and he looked irritated at me... later I realised the music was coming from a speaker... durr
Some kids at the fireworks before it got to dark to draw, and an random ink blot from accidentally holding my pen while texting.

15 July, 2010

I've been watching a lot of True Blood lately and it inspired this I guess?

06 July, 2010

special lady

I was going for Quentin Blake-y but it kind of worked against the drawing.