31 August, 2010

sometimes I like writing excessively

here is a storyboard I've been working on... it was partly for one of my roommate Kathryn's classes, so we had to incorporate typography and we were going to do it in stop motion. We ran out of time to do in it stop motion, so I added a few shots that aren't really stop motion friendly and decided to just finish the storyboard. I started getting into "The Five C's of Cinematography" during this and started to get tooo many ideas, so I decided to just get it done and start something new! It was definitely a struggle to be motivated to finish this so I'm just happy its done! Hurray!

It's raining today so I put in my favourite rainy day song so there's that.


here's the poem it's based on

I'm putting it in sequential panels right now but I'm not sure how to show the vertical pans yet... any ideas would be well received.

PS also I think my blog looks f---ing stellar on my iphone so I'm pretty stoked about that. Soon, I'm gonna start conversations with strangers with "Look at how great my blog looks on my iphone, look at it!"
sooo crazy about it


Amanda said...

That's pretty awesome

Colleen Thomas said...

Agreed, this is indeed awesome. :D

That is probably the cutest hippo ever.